Jemima Shore

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Jemima Shore
First appearanceQuiet as a Nun
Last appearancePolitical Death
Created byAntonia Fraser
Portrayed byMaria Aitken
Patricia Hodge
In-universe information
OccupationInvestigative journalist

Jemima Shore is a fictional character created by Antonia Fraser,[1] and is portrayed as TV's consummately professional investigative journalist. She is featured in a series of crime novels.


  • Quiet as a Nun (1977)
  • The Wild Island (1978)
  • A Splash of Red (1981)
  • Cool Repentance (1982)
  • Oxford Blood (1985)
  • Jemima Shore's First Case, and Other Stories (1986; short story collection with 5 JS stories and 8 others)
  • Your Royal Hostage (1987)
  • The Cavalier Case (1990)
  • Jemima Shore at the Sunny Grave (1991)
  • Political Death (1995)


Fraser's creation has been the basis of two television series which were broadcast in the United Kingdom: the 1978 Armchair Thriller serial Quiet as a Nun with Maria Aitken as Jemima Shore,[2] and an omnibus series, Jemima Shore Investigates, starring Patricia Hodge in the title role. The series was produced by Thames Television for the ITV network in 1983.[3] One series of twelve episodes was made.


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