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Kingston Lacy in Dorset, England
Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford


  • 1661 – English astronomer Christopher Wren advises on repairs to Old St Paul's Cathedral in London and declines appointment to direct new fortifications at Tangier, his earliest known direct involvement with practical architecture.
  • 1666: September 2–5 – The Great Fire of London destroys most of the city including Old St Paul's Cathedral.
  • 1667: August 18 – In an effort to prevent narrow streets from being blocked from all light by tall buildings, the city of Paris enacts its first building code limiting the height of new construction. Buildings may be no taller than eight toise — 15.6 metres (51 ft) — tall. In 1783, rules are implemented to consider the width of the street.
  • 1668 – Roger Pratt becomes the first person knighted for services to architecture.
  • 1668: June – William Talman appointed Comptroller of the King's Works in England.
  • 1669: March 19 – Christopher Wren appointed Surveyor of the King's Works in England.




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