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This appears to be an advert. See also Organon International.

Ferdinand Pienaar 00:40, 2004 Dec 16 (UTC)

Votes for deletion results[edit]

This page was listed on votes for deletion. Please see Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Diosynth for the results of the debate. -- AllyUnion (talk) 12:29, 26 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Faulty information[edit]

I'm an intern at MSD, location Oss (Netherlands) (old Organon), and on the company website, on the intranet, it says that Diosynth wasn't around until 1971. Organon, however (the company Diosynth fused with in 2005) was founded in 1923.

Organon focused on research, while Disynth focused on production of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients).

In 2005 the two companies fused (they were already on the same campus). (talk) 10:02, 21 January 2013 (UTC)[reply]